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Since 1994, the bankruptcy and student loan law attorneys at Leiderman Shelomith Alexander + Somodevilla, PLLC (“LSAS Law”) have represented thousands of clients. We are a full service boutique bankruptcy and student loan law firm, capable of handling any kind of bankruptcy matter, and for any type of party: debtor, creditor, interested party or trustee. Whether you are an individual or a business debtor, creditor or a bankruptcy trustee, we can represent your interests.  From Chapter 7 liquidation, Chapter 13 reorganization or a complex Chapter 11 proceeding, we can be by your side, helping you solve or mitigate the problem.  Our attorneys are leaders in the fields of bankruptcy and student loan law, who have impeccable reputations amongst their peers in the South Florida legal community.

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Out of Court Solutions

Out of Court Solutions

Learn more about out of court solutions for businesses and individuals. When bankruptcy is not in your or your company’s best interest, whether it is an out-of-court workout, Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors or a Receivership, we can help.

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What set us apart from other South Florida law firms?  By limiting our practice to bankruptcy and student loan law, we have gained significant experience, skills and knowledge necessary to represent our clients efficiently and effectively. Our attorneys are compassionate and skilled at explaining the legal process in simple terms, so that you can understand and decide the best path toward a brighter financial future, or make an informed and carefully weighed decision regarding your debt problem.

Dealing with debt can feel complex, scary and overwhelming.  We take pride in helping our debtor clients navigate out of insurmountable financial obligations, whether as part of the bankruptcy process or by pursing alternatives.  Sometimes, the bankruptcy process may not be the preferred solution to your debt problems. In those instances, we strategize with our clients on alternatives to bankruptcy, such as out-of-court workouts and other insolvency proceedings, such as Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors.

To complement our bankruptcy legal services, when the need arises, we offer real estate and title services to efficiently help any real estate-related insolvency problem. We are amongst a select and limited number of law firms in South Florida that represent borrowers saddled with student loan debt.

If you are a borrower who is struggling with large amount of private and federal student loan debts, or being confronted with lawsuits because you have defaulted on your student loan, we can help.  We will review with you the available programs and investigate alternative means of addressing your student loan debt, including bankruptcy hardship discharge. Our goal is to determine the best fit for our client’s needs.  

Our student loan attorneys have assisted countless individuals burdened with federal and private student loan debt.  We are familiar with all of the existing federal programs to eliminate or reduce student loan debt, as well as all of the repayment plans available for borrowers. We will not only advise and strategize with you on the wide array of available debt mitigation programs, but can assist you with the implementation of the selected plan.

We understand that debt issues create an unbearable hardship on individuals and their families, often leading to marital, physical and psychological distress. At LSAS Law, we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start.  Allow us to help you achieve that fresh start by scheduling a no cost consultation today.

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